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In general, all items are available. Most MA-SHOPS be updated several times daily.
Put the desired item to your shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart symbol.

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You can see the shopping cart appears on the top. If an item is in the basket, a summary
of the content is displayed. You can also put  multiple items in the shopping cart. Just click again on a shopping cart symbol of an item.
As on MA-SHOPS by many different vendors offering goods for sale, it is possible that another cart port. Carts are also other MA-SHOPS found at the top of the MA-SHOPS pages.

If you want to buy the contents of shopping carts from the relevant provider, click on "Bubmit Order" and follow the instructions.

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MA-SHOPS do not provide your personal information to third parties. The collected information in our offer, we only use for your purchase at MA-SHOPS. You accept this with your order.

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The complete MA-SHOPS offer is made ​​by many sellers. Each seller deliver the items independent and directly to you. Shipping fees are usually calculated depending on the order.

Information on guarantee can be found either in the item description or in the terms of sale, see the link at the top right of each MA-SHOPS.