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50 Piaster 1964 Egypt Ägypten *110 KM407 Assuanstaudamm . 271.0560.11 unc

売主: Erdmanns Fuldaer Münze Inh. Rainer Erdmann e.K.
値段: 25,00 EUR

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Egypt Ägypten 50 Piaster 1964
クオリティー: unc | Abbreviations
Catalog: Schön 110 KM407
*110 KM407
Assuanstaudamm 1.Bauabschnitt
50 Piaster 1964 unc
Bestell-Nr. 271.0560.11
50 Piaster 1964 Egypt Ägypten *110 KM407 Assuanstaudamm . 271.0560.11 unc





Minimum Order 20,- Euro Value of goods.

My special offer: 20 % Discount for all coins from base Metal. Single Coins, Coinsets, original or loose, without Silver. If you order a minimum 100,- Euro (or more) from base Metal Coins from my Stock – in case of this – You will get a Discount of 20 %. After deduction of the discount , the shipping costs will be added. 

 This is the way to order: You order via my MA-Shop. There from you get a Proforma-Rechnung (Invoice). This invoice you do not pay! Wait about till you get an invoice from myself about this order with the actual Dates and Prices. After this you pay please immediately this amount.

 For customers outside the Euro Zone we accept PayPal (with 4% handling fee)
We hold the right to refuse Paypal as payment for high value orders or for orders to high risk destinations. All payments made through PayPal are only sent with registered mail, no exeptions possible, no object will be posted after full payment is recieved! All items paid through paypal will only be sent to the address what is known at PayPal, no exeptions possible!

Please note:

For Shipments to destinations adressed to premises outside of EU, especially to Africa, Asia, all Arabian countries and countries who belong currently to the former USSR authorities (mainly e.g. ex Russia but also any other related countries) will be delivered and covered by risk of the reciepients (buyers) only.


In the event of loss of your order Erdmanns Fuldaer Münze is free from any replacement for bought goods as well as for responsibility at upcomming duties the loss may cause.

In the unlikely event of loss of your shipment please contact our forwarder DHL or German Post for further evidence.


Erdmanns Fuldaer Münze is not responsible for any loss of shipped goods that may appear by using forwarders to the above named countries.

We want to point out that the risk for deliveries to the above named countries is under the responsibility of the buyer.


Erdmanns Fuldaer Münze appologies for any inconvinienve this may cause.



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