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To search for items on MA Shops, enter one or several words in the search box. Separate them by spaces.
Example: 1 Dollar 1898

Avoid using punctuations or words like "and", "or", "a", "the" except if you search for items that have exactly these words in their description.
Exception: When looking for coins with a half Taler, a german coin, you could search for 1/2 Taler .

Further help based on examples:

  • You collect ancient coins and historic medals and visit the site every two or three days
    To see all new items that appeal to you, select "Ancient coins" and "Medals" in the category dropdown list. Afterwards, click on "New since 3 days" and "Find".
    Adding a search word is optional.
    Search in certain categories and new items

  • You are looking for a german Taler beween 1723 AD and 1748 AD. It should cost less than 500 EUR.
    Click on "Extended search" to the right of the "Find" button. You may select the appropriate category as shown above.
    Afterwards, enter "Taler" in the search box. Fill in the extended search form as shown below before clicking on "Find":

    Extended search
    Note: if you are looking for a coin with a specific year, enter the year in the regular search box instead of using the extended search.

  • You are looking for british coins from Queen Victoria
    Problem: "Great Britain" is spelled differently in various languages. Most sellers on MA Shops have german item descriptions.
    Solution: Use a * in your search as a placeholder for any characters at the start or end of a word. The following search returns items from Queen Victoria, it does not matter whether the seller used "Great Britain" or the german translation "Großbritannien" in the item description.
    Place holder
    Note: it is necessary to enter at least 3 characters. Searching for *br* is not possible.



  • Try words in plural and singular form or use the star operator described above.
  • Avoid using abbreviations
  • You don't need to enter German or French special characters if your keyboard doesn't support it. Use 'a' instead of 'ä', 'ss' instead of 'ß' and 'e' instead of 'ê'.

For experts:
you may use the following search operators:

| OR
"" Exact Phrase
() Brackets